Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Spors: ARGH! Mets 6 Dodgers 5

Dodgers defeated in game 1 by the Mets.

I feared that the Met offense would be too much for the Dodger pitching.

Lowe was struggling but the Dodger offense tied things up in the 7th.

But then the dismal bottom of the 7th happened.

It is hard to second guess Grady Little because he has found a way to mix and match this team through the season of injuries and hot and cold streaks all the way to this playoff game!

But I have to question the call to the bullpen in the 7th inning to bring in Brad Penny.

When I heard it on the radio, I thought, that is an odd choice.

Penny had only gone 1 inning his previous outing leaving due to injury. He is slated to be the game 4 starter if game 4 became necessary. I didn't think he had much experience doing relief work, certainly none recently.

The usual call would have gone to Brett Tomko or Joe Beimel.

I didn't know at the time that Beimel was not on the roster due to injury. I saw that in 6-4-2's story about reliever Beimel's accident with a glass cup. Beimel is the lefty specialist and sometime set-up guy so he will be missed given that the Mets are supposed to be vulnerable to lefties.

Jon Weisman predicted that Penny might be used in relief over Tomko.

For all we know Tomko would have been hit hard too so playing the what if game is frustrating. However, I still have to raise the question because at least Tomko has served in that role even if at times unsuccessfully. BK over at the LA Times Dodger blog Blue Notes raises the same question.

Game Two tomorrow 5 pm Pacific time.

It will be in the hands of rookie Hong-Chih Kuo of the rebuilt arm with 2 elbow surgeries. He did blank the Mets a few weeks back. Here's hoping history repeats itself!

Go Dodgers!


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