Monday, October 02, 2006

Culture: Cell Phone Photo Blogging - LA County Fair

Well, this city slicker decided it was time to go the LA County Fair! I have never been before and some friends wanted to go, so it was off to the fair!

Believe it or not, in Southern California now has real public transit options for getting around to at least some of the popular destinations. For the Fair, one can park in downtown LA and catch the Metrolink train to the Fair.

Anyway, here are a few photos ...

This is a Swiss Brown Cow!

Angora Goat!


Watching the animals was terrific as a total city person.

Also, watching humans ride the "ejector seat" was entertaining. The ride has 2 seats in a ball shaped vehicle attached to flexible cables. The ride shoots the passengers straight up and the ball shaped carrier can flip over multiple times and the whole thing oscillates up and down until the energy is expended. Additionally, a live microphone broadcasts the comments of the passengers. Suffice to say if it was broadcast over the radio spectrum, the FCC might come knocking!

Additionally, there is the food ... while at the Fair, had my share of fried foods: fried oreos, pickles, olives, asparagus, mushroom, avocado ...


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