Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sports: 1 game to go!

Padres 87-74
Dodgers 87-74

Dodgers are in the playoffs!!!!

Hats off to GM Colletti for the big moves he made for the stretch run. A number one move was bringing in Greg Maddux. Also other key acquisitions playing key roles have been Betemit and Anderson.

All eyes will be on Grady Little's line-up card tomorrow. Nomar is probably not going to play due to injury and we have to hope he will be ready to go in the playoffs. But other players worn down from the season who might get a break tomorrow are Kent, Drew and Lofton.

If the Dodgers can take the NL West they get the Cards at home. If they tie for the NL West, the Pods get the title because they won the head-to-head series or if they wind up the wild-card, they open up at the NY Mets.

So does Little send out his vets to try to win one more game or does he go with the younger guys and trust they will get the win and give the vets a rest?

We shall see!


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