Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sports: But what if they are tied at the end?

Padres 84-72
Phillies 82-74
Dodgers 82-74

Six games to go.

What happens if there are ties at the end?

Who goes to the playoffs?

Inquiring minds of baseball fans in San Diego, Philadelphia and Los Angeles want to know!

Well, straight from the MLB.com web page, we hear that a series of coin-flips were held to determine home-field should there be ties requiring a one-game playoff to resolve.

The part important to Dodger fans:
In a flip in addition to the original 22 a week earlier, the Phillies won the right to be hosts against the Dodgers if the two teams have to play a 163rd game to determine the NL Wild Card berth.
However, what if the Dodgers are tied with the Padres for the NL West?

If the Dodgers and Padres have won the wild-card title as well then the Padres would be declared the NL West champions and the Dodgers claim the wild-card because the Padres won the regular season head-to-head play.
If two clubs from the same division are tied but both assured of participating in the postseason, then the first tie-breaker would be their 2006 season-series to determine which club is the division champion and which club is the Wild Card.
However if the Dodgers and Padres are tied for the NL West but are not leading in the wild card, then a one game playoff game will be held at Dodger's stadium because LA won the coin toss.
LA vs. SD: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles
This Dodger fan, of course, is hoping that they go 6-0 down the stretch and the Pods falter so the Dodgers win the NL West outright!

Dream on, eh?

Think Blue!

GO Nats! Go Cards!

UPDATE: One more scenario, what if the Dodgers, Padres and Phillies are tied at the end?

ESPN.com says this:
If San Diego, Los Angeles and Philadelphia finish the season with the same winning percentage, the games will be played as follows:
San Diego and Los Angeles would play Monday in Los Angeles to determine the NL West champion.
The loser of the Padres-Dodgers game would then travel to Philadelphia to play the Phillies on Tuesday for the NL wild-card berth.


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