Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sports: UCLA 31 Stanford 0

You would think that after a lopsided score for the victory, Bruin fans would be happy.

They are not.

And I agree with them because I was there.

The final score doesn't reflect the facts on the ground: Stanford is simply that bad and UCLA really isn't that good.

Ben Olson has potential but it is pretty clear he is not ready for prime time. Like many QBs with a strong arm he is a gunslinger and has the horrible interceptions to prove it. He also overthrew a few times and overlooked wide open receivers.

And when Olson hit his receivers they drop the ball way too often.

And the offensive line isn't giving Olson the kind of protection you hope for which makes his decision making which isn't that great under the best of circumstances even worse.

After reading that you would have thought it was UCLA that lost 31-0.

But that goes to prove to you how bad Stanford is.


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