Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sports: 4 games to go

4 games to go!

Game balls go all around for last night's come-from-behind win by the Dodgers over the Rockies.

Lowe wasn't at his best but didn't let it get away. Broxton and Sensational "Sammy" Saito shut down the Rocks for the final 3 innings once the Dodger's seized the lead.

Big hits by JD Drew (much maligned) to get the Dodgers back into the game and Andre Either (rookie who was hot but has been in a dismal slump) who poked in the tying run. Kent pounds out a double to get an extra insurance run.

Garciaparra is channeling Kirk Gibson by playing all out even though every part of his body is hurting. He went 3 for 4 tonight.

Padres 85-73
Dodgers 84-74
Phillies 83-75

Go Dodgers!

Go Nats! Go D'backs!

UPDATE: Sounds like a football score, the Dodgers outslug the Rockies 19-11!


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