Monday, September 25, 2006

Sports: What a fan is is what a fan does?

I went online to try to buy Dodger post-season tickets.

NLDS LA game 1 and 2 were all gone but game 3 was not. Game three will only happen if the Dodgers win the NL West which is very difficult being 1 1/2 games behind with six to go and a Padre team on a roll and the NLDS goes to a deciding fifth game.

NLCS game 1 was all gone. I didn't bother to check the other games.

So in case you are wondering, I did buy the NLDS LA game 3. I have 4 seats in the upper outer reserve on the 3rd base side.

I didn't buy any NLCS tix. I don't have THAT much FAITH in the Dodgers!

UPDATE: Go Houston! Go Cards!


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