Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sports: and Bruin Fans

One week ago ...

From the CBS coverage with the coverage and commentary by Gus Johnson and Len Elmore ...

From the UCLA band section through a personal video camera ...

Undoubtedly, these Gonzaga-UCLA video links and others like it are circling the globe among Bruin fans.

In post-game Bruin Talk (after the Gonzaga game and after the Memphis game), the host got mostly local calls but he got some from far away. On Thursday night, there was a call from Florida where it was well past midnight. On Saturday evening, the host got the longest long distance call of the night from Japan where the caller said he and a few alumni were watching via the internet on Sunday afternoon in Tokyo!

Steve Lavin, the former Bruin coach, was on the local ESPN radio show the other day and felt pretty much any of the four teams could win the national championship. He said, of course, his heart was with the Bruins. But as a sports analyst, he felt Florida had the best overall talent. He believed LSU causes the biggest match-up problems because of "Big Baby" Davis. Lastly, as a former coach, he couldn't help but want to root for Jim Larranaga and George Mason.

In the Pac-10, there isn't anyone like LSU's Davis. The most capable big guy in the Pac-10 is California's Leon Powe at 6-8, 240. Glen Davis of LSU is 6-9, 310!

In looking over LSU's record they have lost eight times this season. Most of the losses were close games.

Since the start of the SEC season, they have only lost three games: a close one at Alabama early in the conference schedule and twice to Florida (once at Florida and once in the SEC tournament). Undoubtedly, Howland and his assistants are watching film from those three games to see what they did to keep LSU from rampaging.

LSU has FOUR players averaging double digits in points (Glen Davis, Darrel Mitchell, Tyrus Thomas and Tasmin Mitchell).

Thus, perhaps, what the defense has to do is stop two of four and hope for the best.

Apparently, stopping 1 of 4 doesn't cut it. Texas gave up 26 to Davis, 21 to Thomas and 11 to Darrel Mitchell and that wasn't enough. Duke gave up 15 to Davis, 14 to Darrel Mitchell and 10 to Tasmin Mitchell and that wasn't enough.

Texas A&M came the closest to winning and they "held" Davis to 21 points and Darrel Mitchell to 16. On that night, Thomas only got 7 and the other Mitchell only had 2.

Can UCLA do it?


The hard headed sports analyst in me says they haven't faced anyone as dominant as Davis. Bruins can only hope that they can contain two of four and keep it close like A&M and hope for the best.

GO Bruins!


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