Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sports: NCAA picks

Of course, there is that other tournament going on besides the NIT!

For the Atlanta regional, I'd say Duke or LSU. I keep hearing about LSU having some really big athletic guys on the front line which could give the Dukies trouble. Texas lost badly to Duke earlier and Iowa has some bad losses on its resume.

As for the Oakland bracket, my feeling is that this could be one of those busted regionals. The top line teams, Memphis, UCLA, Gonzaga and Kansas all have some issues. Memphis and Gonzaga have been beating up on weak foes in their conferences so you wonder if they will flounder at some point. UCLA and Kansas both field very young teams who are still one or two years away from making a serious run. Of course, sometimes being young means you play without fear.

The Washington DC path for U Conn looks to be the easiest. I just don't see Tennessee nor Illinois beating them and for that matter even getting to the regional finals. UNC is young but clearly ready for prime time after a fairly easy win over Duke late in the season.

For the Minnesota regional, I'd say the final victor will come from the expected Villanova vs. Boston College match-up in the regional semi-finals.

My final four picks: Duke, Gonzaga, U Conn, Boston College. Duke cuts down the nets.

What say you?


Blogger Kari said...

We're thinking on the same wavelength over those thousands of miles of string, because I picked the exact same Final Four. Crazy!

7:33 AM  

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