Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sports: NIT Update

The NIT is underway.

I'll be tracking the NIT in terms of how well do the "power" or BCS conferences (Big10, Big12, ACC, Big East, Pac10 and SEC) do against the rest.

March 14 games:
Butler over Miami (OH)- both are mid-majors
Manhattan over Fair. Dickenson - both are mid-majors
Rutgers over Penn State - both are from power conferences
Akron over Temple - both are mid-majors though the Mid-America is probably lower rated than the A10
Charlotte over G. Southern - both are mid-majors
Delaware St. over N. Arizona - both are mid-majors
Stanford over Virginia - both are from power conferences though I have to say as a Pac10 partisan, it is nice to see a Pac10 school trample an ACC team!
UTEP over Lipscomb - both are mid-majors

March 15 games:
Notre Dame over Vanderbilt - both are from power conferences
S. Carolina over W. Kentucky - alas, a face-off between a power conference and a mid-major! Score one for the biggies, 1-0
Houston over BYU - both are mid-majors
Old Dominion over Colorado - yeah for the mid-majors, 1-1
Minnesota over Wake Forest - both are from power conferences
Clemson over La Tech - an ACC win over a middie, 2-1
Miami (FL) over Ok. St. - both are from power conferences

March 16 has four games on the schedule of which three will involve mid-majors going up against the biggies. We shall see how they do!

St. Joe's beats Rutgers - A10 over Big East, the biggies drop to 2-2 in the NIT
Hofstra beats Nebraska! - CAA over Big12, the BCS conf falls to 2-3
Michigan beats UTEP - Big10 over CUSA to even things out between the biggies and the middies, 3-3
Creighton beats Akron - two mid-majors but Creighton is from Missouri Valley that got 4 teams into the NCAA but does that make them a "power" conference? For now, no.

All four games on March 17 pit mid-majors versus power conference teams.

3 of the 4 games were won by the power conferences running their record to 6-4 in the NIT.


March 18 had one NIT game and it was a HUGE upset by a small program against a giant. Manhattan defeats Maryland AT Maryland, 87-84.

Majors 6 Middies 5 thus far in the NIT.


March 20 had 6 games involving 7 mid-majors. But only one game had a a major-mid pairing. Miami (FL) from the ACC beat Creighton from the MVC. Majors 7 Mid-Majors 5 in the NIT. Both games for March 21 involve teams from the power conferences.


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