Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sports: 65 to 16, 40 to 16


BCS "power" conferences:
Duke (ACC)
Boston College (ACC)
Florida (SEC)
W Virginia (Big East)
U Conn (Big East)
Villanova (Big East)
Georgetown (Big East)
Texas (Big 12)
UCLA (Pac10)
Washington (Pac10)

Umm, where is the Big Ten?? 8-)

For Atlanta, I still think Duke-LSU will be the key game.

For Oakland, as a UCLA alum, I'm rooting for the Bruins. As a realistic sports viewer, I know the Bruins have simply not faced anybody like Adam Morrison. I'm hoping Ben Howland comes up with a defensive plan. I'm hoping the Cameroon freshmen come up big banging against Gonzaga's front line. I'm hoping Farmar and Afflalo and Collison are able to run the offense. My heart say Bruins! My head says Gonzaga might have so much motivation from having something to prove and UCLA might still be a year away from having the experience to put aside the jitters expected in the national spotlight of a big game.

For Washington DC, the Huskies will get to the Final Four; Huskies as in Connecticut Huskies. However, if the Washington Huskies play just a little over their heads and the Connecticut Huskies are off a little and they were off against Albany and let Kentucky stick around, then Romar's Huskies will seize that moment and make them pay.

For Minneapolis, the key game is Villanova-Boston College. I saw part of the Arizona-Villanova game and both sides were flying up and down the court. This should be another exciting game.

Other conferences:
Memphis (C-USA)
Bradley (MVC)
Wichita St (MVC)
Gonzaga (WCC)
G Mason (CAA)

Of these five, three of them weren't supposed to get this far!


BCS "power" conferences:
Notre Dame
Miami (Fl)
Florida State
South Carolina

Other conferences:
Old Dominion
St. Joseph's
Missouri St.

With the big name teams losing their players to the NBA, the gap between the biggies and the middies has closed.


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