Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sports: Big West nearly pulls off big upset

Pacific Tigers from the Big West almost ... drat! ... knocked off ACC biggie Boston College. Tigers sent it into overtime on a three. BC sent it into a second OT with free throws. Order in the basketball universe was finally restored in the second OT as Boston College finally pulled away.

In other mid-major watching, Wis-Milwaukee upset Oklahoma!

In a result sure to delight fans in the state of Kansas, Wichita State shocked Seton Hall with an easy win! Yes, it was a 7 over a 10 but I would imagine many so called basketball experts figured the Big East team would beat the Missouri Valley team in this head-to-head showdown.

The Big East got eight teams in. Let's see how many are still playing on this weekend! Let's see how many of the four from the Missouri Valley are still playing!

UPDATE: Mid-major upset watch ...

#14 Northwestern St in a buzzer beater over #3 Iowa was clearly the top upset of the 1st round.
#13 Bradley over #4 Kansas was the second biggest of the 1st round.
#13 Bradley got another one over #5 Pittsburgh!

Bucknell beating Arkansas though only being a 9 over an 8 still was a big deal as an example of the equivalence between a top mid-major program and a middling power conference team.

#11 George Mason beating #6 Michigan State was another piece of evidence of the power of the middies.
#11 George Mason went on to stun #3 UNC in round two!

#7 Wichita State stunned two big program (#10 Seton Hall and #2 Tennessee) teams on its way to the Sweet Sixteen!

Close ones but came up short ...
#14 Murray State fought to the bitter end with #3 UNC but couldn't pull it off.
#15 Penn hung with #2 Texas longer than anyone expected.
#11 San Diego State had #6 Indiana but let it get away.
#16 Albany was competitive much longer than expected against #1 Connecticut. They were in it well into the 2nd half.
#15 Winthrop got beat on a buzzer beater by #2 Tennessee.
#15 Davidson stuck around with #2 Ohio State much longer than expected.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your concept for a blog is clever, but you should write about your lives and less commentary on pop culture/sports. What makes this site (potentially) interesting is that you're living in two different parts of the country, yet you aren't focusing on that at all. You're focusing on national issues.

Sorry but this could be a cool blog.

~Kate who does have a blog but you will probably go there and critique me and we can't have that.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Rene said...

Thanks for dropping by. Bloggers are if anything are an independent lot and will write about whatever they happen to be interested in.

As for some local flavor, I'd say a rooting interest in the Big West basketball conference is pretty regional! 8-)

I would bet if you asked professional sports reporters if they could name all eight schools in the Big West, they might have difficulty. I suppose if they were specialists in the NCAA basketball scene then they would have a shot at it.

In any case, go WEST COAST basketball! 8-)

10:01 AM  

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