Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sports: Horray for the CAA's George Mason!

The Huskies seemed determined to prove they were a cat with nine-lives in this tournament.

It finally cost them as eleven-seeded George Mason defeated the one-seeded UConn Huskies in the regional finals in Washington DC, 86-84 in overtime.

The mid-majors have made a bigger splash than expected. It was exciting to see the Missouri Valley Conference get four teams into the NCAA and then have two of them advance to the Sweet 16.

The Colonial Athletic Association got two teams into the NCAA and their first team ever to the Final Four.

On the NIT side, the CAA's Old Dominion defeated the CAA's Hofstra to get into the NIT Final Four which is also another first for the CAA.

Many other mid-majors pulled off upsets or lost tight games to the traditional powerhouses.

As a UCLA alum (1986), I am thrilled to see the once glorious program that has languished for several years make a return to the big stage. I am also a UC Irvine alum (1993) and know the tough times of a mid-major program. Thus, besides rooting for my beloved Bruins, I have followed closely the progress of the "little guys."

I am so pleased to see the experts on ESPN and CBS who complained about the NCAA selection committee "bias" toward the little guys have to backtrack and give the little guys some praise.


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