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Sports: NIT Bracketology

UPDATE: Due to "popular" demand, NIT Bracketology 2007 is up. Please note that this is NIT Bracketology for 2006.

UPDATE: Welcome LSU Tiger Fans! Sorry, but this blog post is from 2006. For an up-to-date NIT Bracketology, go here to 2007 NITology. We aim to please TTC readers devoted and accidental! 8-)

UPDATE: Welcome RUTGERS fans!!! This post was the first of 3 of "2006 NIT Bracketology" and my most current 2006 NIT Bracketology is up. In my first two editions, I was working on finding mid-major teams that the NIT might want to bring in. But upon reflection, I think the NIT will go with a lot more from the power conferences because they have better RPIs and since the NCAA (now owns NIT) will want more fans in the stands. Thus, I think Rutgers is in for the NIT.

Lunardi does the NCAA 65 bracket on Mondays and Fridays.

Nobody does NIT 40 selection speculations!

Well, here you go for all 3 people in the world who might care!

In no particular order, my forcast for the NIT field:

1. Florida State
2. Virginia
3. Lipscomb/E. Tenn St.
4. Charlotte
5. St. Louis
6. Cinncinnati
7. Syracuse
8. Providence
9. Montana/Northern Arizona
10. Winthrop/Birmingham So.
11. Northwestern
12. Penn St.
13. Colorado
14. Nebraska
15. Kansas St.
16. UC Irvine/Pacific
17. Louisville
18. Old Dominion
19. UAB
20. Houston
21. Butler/Wis. Milwaukee
22. North Dakota St.
23. Manhatten/Iona
24. Marist
25. Kent State
26. Akron/N. Illinois
27. Oral Roberts
28. Missouri State
29. UNLV
30. Air Force
31. BYU
32. Monmouth
33. Samford
34. Tennessee Tech
35. USC
36. Utah State
37. Georgia
38. Arkanasas
39. Davidson
40. Southern Alabama

Will update in a couple of weeks!

UPDATE: The NIT announced two new features in their selection process. Teams that win the regular season conference title but miss out on the NCAA due to losing in post-season tournaments will get an automatic bid to the NIT. Also, teams do not have to have better than a .500 record in order to be invited.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might want to do some more research on these teams. Arkansas and some others are NCAA bound. How about the omission of Rutgers from this list at 17-12

7:47 PM  
Blogger Rene said...

Thanks for dropping by.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of hits we are getting from searches for NIT Bracketology.

Indeed, in my updated NIT list, I took Arkansas out as they have played their way into the NCAA and I list Rutgers as a virtual lock for the NIT!

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do some more research...thats being to nice! You need to pull your head out and figure out what in the hell your talking about. Several of the teams on your list as NIT teams are for sure NCAA tournament teams. I mean come on man. Not only that, but you have several deserving teams of the NIT not even mentioned on your list! Like... Bradley, Wichita State, University of Northern Iowa, University of Iowa, Drake, Nebraska, I mean I could go on forever with several teams that you did not list that are better teams and have better resumes then that of the teams of which you listed...haha, what a joke. But you know what they say, you cant always believe what you read about on the internet because half of it isn't true. This is a prime example of that sane.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Rene said...

UPDATE: Due to "popular" demand, NIT Bracketology 2007 is up. Please note that this is NIT Bracketology for 2006.

9:47 PM  

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