Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sports: Its finally super bowl Sunday

Being on the west coast in LA, it seems that there are more Seattle Seahawk fans.

I wonder if people in NY or DC are rooting for the Steelers?

I wonder which team are people in the mid-west like Chicago and Kansas City rooting for?

Anyway, the first quarter is over and so far the Steeler offense has been 3 and out 3 times. The Seattle offense is moving the ball but penalties have hurt them. Both teams are starting off a little tight especially Pittsburgh.

Let's see what the 2nd quarter brings.

UPDATE: Steelers finally were moving the ball but they got too cocky airing it out long and the underthrown pass was intercepted. Look for the Steeler defense to blitz to deliever the knock out punch.

UPDATE: Steeler fans breath a sigh of relief as their defense forces a 3 and out.

UPDATE: The Steeler TD is being reviewed. It isn't going to be overturned. It is too close to call. I have to say though if the ref had called it NOT a TD, upon review, his call would be upheld as well! I also have to say that the offensive interference call earlier against Seattle was a ticky-tack call. I think right now Seahawk fans are going to start conspiracy theories!

UPDATE: The Steelers jump to a 14-3 lead. Is the expected blow-out about to happen? If the Seahawks go 3 and out, it could be over. Look for the blitz by the Steelers to deliver the knock out punch!

UPDATE: Seahawks are able to run still... hmmm... maybe they aren't dead yet.

UPDATE: Big third and 5 call here for the Seahawks.

UPDATE: You gotta question the Seahawks going long down field on that call. A running play or short pass gets you the first down and if you are short, the field goal wouldn't be so long. Look for the Steelers to grind up clock and shorten the game. If the Seahawk defense gets too aggressive, they will get burned on a play-action. Key defensive series. If Steelers score, its over.

UPDATE: Oh, my. The Seahawks have just risen from the ashes like the Phoenix. They MUST score on this INT.

UPDATE: And they do score making it 14-10. The defense has also stepped up forcing a 3 and out on the Steelers.

UPDATE: The Steelers return the favor and force a 3 and out.

UPDATE: Seahawks force a 3 and out. I am really surprised at how well the Seahawk defense is doing. I figured that the only way they would still be in this game would have been for their offense to do a lot of damage. Steeler's special teams have just pinned the Seahawks deep. A three and out here will give the Steelers great field position.

UPDATE: The Seahawks started from their own 2 yard line. Their O-line is pushing effectively.

UPDATE: Just when I type how good the Seahawk O-line is doing, they give up a sack!

UPDATE: INT by Pittsburgh, the momentum has shifted again. Al Michaels is explaining yet another bad call against Seattle. The refs called a low block by Hasselbeck but Michaels and Madden think it was a bad call.

UPDATE: Flea-flicker for the TD. Steelers up 21-10. Its over. Seahawks need 2 TDs to win and that isn't going to happen against the Steeler defense with 8 minutes left. The Seahawks haven't shown the ability to get into the endzone.

UPDATE: The fumble by Hasselbeck has finished them off. They are calling for a review but that isn't going to be overturned unless somebody feels guilty about all the bad calls against Seatlle. Its over. Its in the refrigerator. Cowher gets his first Super Bowl ring.

UPDATE: Oh, my, I didn't see the contact. It was hardly anything but Seattle remains alive ... barely.

UPDATE: They keep pulling the trigger on the long ball one-on-one against the CBs but it hasn't paid off ... yet.

UPDATE: There is the blitz and they get the sack. They need a 3 and out or what little life still in the nearly dead body of the Seahawks will drain away.

UPDATE: 2 crucial first downs. The lights are off and the eggs are cooling.

UPDATE: Punt. Seahawks have too little time.

UPDATE: Its a final, Pittsburgh 21-10.


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