Monday, March 06, 2006

Sports: NIT Bracketology

UPDATE: Here is 2007 NIT Bracketology.

UPDATE: The 2006 NCAA brackets have been announced. Thus, shortly afterward, the 2006 NIT brackets were released.

I've indicated with a $ symbol that the teams below received NIT bids.

Of the 40 bids, 7 were automatics. Of the remaining 33, I correctly predicted 23.

Of the 10 I missed, 4 were NCAA bubble teams (Cincy, Hofstra, Michigan and Florida State) that I thought would get into the NCAA but didn't, 4 were teams I had in the NIT (Minnesota, La Tech, Penn St. and Butler) but I thought lost their spots due to losses by regular season champs in one-bid conferences and 2 teams (Wake Forrest and Oklahoma State) I didn't monitor at all as possible NIT candidates.

Group 1 - teams on the NCAA bubble and when it bursts they land in the NIT:
Big East
Cincinnati-NCAA? NO! NIT instead.
1. Vandy $
2. Maryland $
3. Virginia $
4. Miami $
Big 12
5. Colorado $
Missouri Valley
6. Missouri State $
Northern Iowa - NCAA? YES!
Bradley - NCAA? YES!
7. Creighton $
Hofstra-NCAA? NO! NIT instead.
8. George Mason - got into NCAA!!
9. Old Dominion $
Mountain West
10. Air Force - got into NCAA!!
11. BYU $
12. Utah State - got into NCAA!!
13. UTEP $
14. Houston $
15. Charlotte $
16. La Salle
Group 2 - virtual locks for NIT:
17. Clemson $
18. Virginia Tech
Xavier-NCAA bound!
19. Temple $
20. St. Louis
21. St. Joes $
Big East
22. Rutgers $
23. Louisville $
Big 12
24. Nebraska $
25. Kansas St.
26. Iowa State
Mid American
27. Akron $
28. Miami-Ohio $
Metro Atlantic
Iona - going to NCAA!

Group 3 - on the bubble for the NIT which will burst if a regular season champ falters in their post-season conference tournament and gets an automatic NIT bid:
Big East
29. Notre Dame $
30. Stanford $
31. USC
32. South Carolina $
33. Georgia
34. Butler got into NIT
Sun Belt
South Alabama - Going to NCAA!
Big Sky
Montana-Going to NCAA!
Mountain West
35. UNLV
36. Louisiana Tech got into NIT
Big Ten
37. Penn State got into NIT
38. Northwestern
39. Minnesota got into NIT
40. Northeastern

Group 4 - teams who won their regular season but come from a one-bid conference and would get an NIT bid if they lose their post-season tournament:
America East-Albany-NCAA bound!
34. Atlantic Sun-Libscomb-lost in finals
35. Big Sky-Northern Arizona-lost in finals
Big South-Winthrop-going to NCAA!
Big West-Pacific-NCAA again!
Horizon-Wisconsin Milwaukee-going to NCAA!
36. Metro Atlantic-Manhattan-lost in semi-finals
Mid-American-Kent State-next up NCAA!
Mid-Continent-Oral Roberts-going to NCAA!
37. Mid-Eastern-Delaware St.-lost in finals
38. Northeast-Fair. Dickinson-lost in finals
Ohio Valley-Murray St.-going to NCAA!
39. Southern-Georgia Southern- lost in quarterfinals
Southland-Northwestern St.-Going to NCAA!
Southwestern-Southern-Going to NCAA!
40. Sun Belt-Western Kentucky-lost in finals

Wait listed: DePaul, Marist, Hawaii.

Will update as post-season tournament results come in!

UPDATE: NIT-ology is also tracking who will get into the NIT!

UPDATE: Lunardi is also updating his list.



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