Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sports: Fight! Tigers versus Anteaters

If I remember correctly, last year, the UOP Tigers got to round two in the NCAAs. This is a road game for the Anteaters against the number two team in the Big West standings.

The Anteaters got a big target on their back sporting an 8-0 record in conference.

It is now half-time and the 'Eaters are down 33-28. Unfortunately, there are no stats in the Yahoo! Sports link for the game.

Winning the game isn't essential since the Big West is only going to get one team into the NCAA via the post-season tournament. But having said that, there is still incentive to position one's self for the post-season tournament as the Big West rewards teams for finishing higher in conference by giving them byes in the tournament.

Play solid and give it a good effort win or lose. Of course, winning is always nice!

UPDATE: Went to KUCI for streaming audio. UCI isn't hitting its threes and is turning the ball over. They never got within single digits while I was listening. They are going down to defeat.

UPDATE: Its a final: UOP 64 UCI 52.


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