Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sports: Super Bowl XL - blowout or to be a classic?

As I see it, if the Steelers win, it will probably be a blowout because their defense has powered their way through the playoffs. So between forcing turnovers and running there fairly competent offense they could win big.

I don't see any scenario where it is the Seattle defense being the story-line. Now, if it turns into a close shootout then the Seahawk's West Coast Offense could lead them to a narrow victory.

People can talk about all the big stars on both sides (though it seems that Pittsburgh has more star power and story lines) but in the end it will come down to this: Seattle's Offensive Line versus Pittsburgh's Blitz Packages.

If the blitz combos disrupt the west coast offense then it will be a blowout.

If Hasselbeck gets hassled with sacks, knock downs and hurries, an INT or two will be inevitable and it will be a blowout.

If the Steelers get the lead because of their defense, they will run more on offense and blitz more on defense and in this scenario, it will be over by the half with the Steelers going into the locker room with a 21-3 and winning in the end 35-13!

*BUT* the last team to beat Pittsburgh was a healthy Carson Palmer and the Bungles errr Bengals! So if the experienced pro-bowl laden line of Seatlle gives Hasselback time to throw and Holmgren and company can run their West Coast Offense, we can have an Instant ESPN Classic. In this scenario I can imagine a shootout that could go down to the final possession where Seatlle could pull off the upset of the millenium with a 27-24 win.

I'll have to go with the underdog!


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