Sunday, June 19, 2005

Horray for Horry!

Howdy Ms. K:

Well, as a Los Angeles sports fan, I am rooting for the Spurs. Yes, it was a long time ago when Detroit dueled with the Lakers. I remember the long march to the 1989 NBA championship which took three successive seven-game series with an especially brutal set of games against the Pistons. 1n 1990, the Lakers were going for the Three-peat but Byron Scott and Magic Johnson got injured and the Pistons swept the Lakers.

Yes, that is all ancient history but the memory of sports fans are long and so the Pistons of today are still not at the receiving end of love from LA fans.

And of course, the Spurs have Robert Horry who came up big time in tonight's win over the Pistons in the usually pivotal game five. Laker fans still have memories of Horry doing that for the purple and gold of the Lake-show so it was exciting to see him hit the big shots against the dreaded Pistons!

Meanwhile, this LA Dodger fan is turning blue. Swept by your Royals and swept by the White Sox, the season maybe a lost one soon. The Dodgers face NL West leading Padres for seven games in the next two weeks. The Dodgers could be done for the season by the end of June. I'm hoping that they will turn it around and take the two series against the Pods and bring themselves back into the race.



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