Monday, May 30, 2005

Blue Fans in Kansas City and Los Angeles

Hasn't been much to cheer about for baseball fans in KC nor LA.

I read in the LA Times: (Mike) Sweeney grew up watching the Angels and said attending Game 7 of the 2002 World Series ranked as "one of the coolest baseball moments of my life." In addition to hometown ties, he would love to play for the Angels because, he said, "With Arte Moreno heading the team, they're going to have a chance to win every year."

What is the buzz in KC Sports Talk about possibly moving Sweeney?

The article indicates the Angels don't appear too eager to part with prospects, however.

In another news item: Terry Collins, the Dodger player development director, interviewed for the managerial opening with the Kansas City Royals on Friday.

"I was extremely impressed with them," Collins said to the Kansas City Star. "They've really got a plan and believe in it and stand by it."

Who else is in the running for the skipper's job at the Royals?

As you might guess, in post-game DodgerTalk, there is a certain amount of "dump manager Jim Tracy" talk.

I suppose in the course of a season, the manager might make a few decisions that win or lose games by lifting or not lifting a pitcher who is running out of gas. Tracy usually takes a lot of heat after leaving a guy in too long. Some fans complain the Dodgers don't take many chances on offense in terms of hit and run or base stealing. I suppose it is all part of the moneyball emphasis on walks and home runs that leads to this kind of approach?

Anyway, I think the manager takes too much heat. After all, what can you do if your fifth starter, whoever he happens to be, gets shelled routinely, another starter goes on the DL (Perez) and yet another starter goes hot and cold (Weaver... finally had a solid outing on Sunday after a couple of dismal ones)?

Meanwhile, the relief pitching has NOT been as automatic (appears to be a MLB-wide problem with injuries to closers and late inning blow-ups) as Dodger fans are used to. Gagne is back but he has only been in the low 90s on his fastball. Fans are hoping it is just a matter of time and regaining full strength.

On offense, there is excitment over Perez the youngster taking over at third, dismay over the cooling off of Kent and the awaited big numbers from Drew and hope that Izturis will make the All Star Team.

The team is slightly above .500 which is where experts had them pegged. But this team did start off 12-2 so the difference between winning and losing isn't all that much. Here's hoping they will turn it around.

Go Blue!



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