Tuesday, May 17, 2005

LA Mayor's Race Ends Today


Well, it finally comes to an end. I blogged about the race previously.

I went to vote this morning. I was the only voter at that moment when I stepped in. The poll worker estimated that 25 others had voted before me. Quite the far cry from the wait in line I had for the November 2004 Presidential election and a very far cry from the line out into the street for the California Governor recall election that removed Gov. Davis and elected the Arnold.

LA Observed thinks it will be an easy win for Villaraigosa. Hahn is probably starting to feel like Gray Davis on the eve of the recall as no LA Mayor in my lifetime has ever lost a re-election.


UPDATE: To follow the returns go here. As of 10:55, Villaraigosa leads by 17%.


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