Saturday, March 05, 2005

UCLA 73 Oregon 61

Howdy Tin Canners:

Below was my attempt at a play-by-play call of the final possession before halftime.

this is an audio post - click to play

Unfortunately, I think it was too loud in Pauley Pavillion for you to really hear what I was saying. In brief, Aaron Affalo took the ball upcourt and ran the clock down and took the final shot but missed leaving the score 38-28.

For a game recap go here.

Will the Bruins return to the NCAA's? Excerpt from the Yahoo! sports recap: The Bruins (18-9, 11-7 Pac-10) haven't played in the NCAA tournament since 2002. Sixty of the last 61 Pac-10 teams to finish the season with at least 11 wins against league opponents were selected.

However, it should be noted that a UCLA team in 1985 won 18 games and wound up in the NIT.

With the new RPI formula, UCLA should be able to get in. But if the selection committee decides to let in a few more mid-majors then UCLA remains on the bubble.

One win in the Pac-10 tournament will help. Two wins should make them a lock and obviously three wins earns them the automatic bid.



UPDATE: My Anteaters won easily over the Mustangs. They finish fifth in the Big West. The Pacific Tigers are a top 20 ranked team and will go to the NCAA no matter what happens in the post-season tournament. For the Eaters to make it to the NCAA (something they have never done and to be honest aren't likely to this year either) they will have to beat the #8 seed (Idaho) on Wednesday night; the #4 seed (Cal State Northridge) on Thursday night; the #1 seed (Pacific) though there is a scenario where they would play the #2 seed (Utah State) on Friday night; and then win the championship game on Saturday. Zot! Go Eaters!

UPDATE: ESPN Bubblewatch as of Sunday, March 6, claims UCLA should be in. Just hope they are right!

UPDATE: ESPN Bracketologist, Joe Lunardi thinks UCLA is in!

Kari: as a Kansas U partisan, you are just wondering what seeding they will get! Go Jayhawks!


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