Sunday, February 06, 2005

For entertainment purposes: Super Bowl Forecast

Hi Kari:

The game will be starting in about an hour or so. Thus, it is time for the fearless forecast! For entertainment purposes only, past performance (usually wrong) is not an indicator of future results: Eagles 26 Patriots 24. I see McNabb scrambling for the go ahead touchdown on the last play of the game.

As I see it, the Eagle defense is the key. They keep it close, they have a chance. Pittsburgh's defense couldn't hang on because the offense turned the ball over and left them out on the field too much. I don't see McNabb making those kinds of mistakes and thus digging themselves into a hole. If the score is 14-14 at the half, the Eagles will be pretty pleased and the 2nd half will be more high drama. Now, if, at the half, it is 28-10 Pats then all people will talk about is the commercials that flew and the ones that flopped... well, actually, people will talk about that no matter what happens on the field.

Well, you heard it here first, the Eagles will pull off the upset. And if they don't, Eagle fans across the nation will be madder than a rained on rooster! I can't claim that that little sentence is original as I think Dan Rather said that one time on election night coverage I think.

Be well,

UPDATE: Well, it was 14-14 after the 3rd quarter! I just didn't buy into the whole the Pats would roll over the Eagles story line. Anyway, the key stat was THREE interceptions.


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