Monday, February 28, 2005

Chris Rock as Oscar Host

Tin Canners:

I have to say I didn't see all of the Oscars. In fact, I missed most of it. So once again, I had no idea that host, Chris Rock, generated some controversy. I only found out about it in the next mornings post-show reporting.

One of the critic at USA Today didn't think too much of Rock nor the show as a whole. Excerpts:

Instead, ABC's three-hour plus broadcast of the Academy Awards Sunday seemed tailor-made to bore the young, embarrass the old and chase away even the most dedicated Oscar fan.
When the show ran a salute to Johnny Carson's years as host, the comparison was so painful, it made you think the academy would have been better off just letting a computer-generated Carson host again.
Unfortunately, what many viewers are most likely to remember — particularly those who feel Hollywood is out of touch with many of its customers — is Rock's lengthy attack on George Bush.

I saw the clips of the rant on the war and I just thought: what are the families of our military going to think of his silly comparison of real life with clothing sales? And people think that is funny?

I realize there is disagreement over the war but let's at least honor the sacred dead.

More excerpts:

Instead, they made the nominees for some of those awards, such as art direction and documentaries, stand together on stage while their names were read, like American Idol contestants at the results show. That meant the losers also had to stand there and clap, at least until the camera closed in on the winners. At that point, one assumes, the losers were whisked away, though for all we know they were dropped into a hole in the set.

Even so, they were treated like stars compared with the nominees for a few other categories, such as best action short, who had to accept their Oscars in the aisle. Wouldn't it have been even faster just to pitch the Oscars at their heads?

Does it really take that much more time to let a winner rise out of a seat and come up on stage? If being asked to give up a few extra viewing seconds so these people can have their proper due is that much of an imposition, then here's a radical idea: Every event on Earth is not about you. These people have just won the most important award in their field. For heaven's sake, let them enjoy it.

I missed most of the show when the less glamourous awards were handed out. Did they really make them do this? UNBELIEVABLE!

The USA Today critic did mention what I thought was a good moment in the show: Jamie Foxx's win gave the show a long-awaited emotional boost. That was a heart felt speech that moved me.

Did you see the show and what did you think?



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