Friday, February 25, 2005

Oscar forecast

Hello Tin Canners:

Being an LA-based blogger, I just have to blog about the Oscars. Of course, I have seen none of the films up for the big awards!

The big six:
Actor - Jamie Foxx (won)
Supporting Actor - Morgan Freeman (won)
Actress - Hilary Swank (won)
Supporting Actress - Virginia Madsen (Blanchett wins)
Directing - Marty finally wins one (Eastwood wins his third)
Picture - Aviator, though a split verdict to Million Dollar Baby is possible (Million Dollar Baby wins it)

The rest:
Animated - Incredibles (won)
Art Direction - Phantom (Aviator wins)
Cinematography - House of Flying Daggers (Aviator wins)
Costume - Aviator (won)
Film Editing - Aviator (won)
Foreign - The Sea Inside (won)
Makeup - Lemony Snicket (won)
Score - Lemony Snicket (Finding Neverland wins)
Song - Shrek 2, "Accidentally In Love" (Motorcycle Diaries wins)
Sound Editing - Spider-Man 2 (Incredibles win)
Sound Mixing - Spider-Man 2 (Ray wins)
Visual Effects - Spider-man 2 (won)
Adapted screenplay - Sideways (won)
Original screenplay - Eternal Sunshine (won)



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