Monday, February 28, 2005

Million Dollar Baby Controversy

Tin Canners:

I had heard that "Million Dollar Baby" had a controversial ending. Sometimes I am just simply not up on what is going on in the culture so I had not realized that the film was generating a hot debate.

Here is an item with many links to both critics and supporters of the film.

I have to say I haven't formed an opinion yet about the controversy. But I have to say Terri Mauro's comment here is quite valid:
However you feel about critics giving away the ending of movies, this is probably not a plot development we would want to have take us by surprise, particularly if our children are in the theater with us (not unlikely, considering the PG-13 rating and Rocky-like ad campaign). Armed with information, you can choose to avoid the film; to see it and discuss it with others from the perspective of an advocate for a child with disabilities; to keep your child away from it; or to take your child and use it as a basis for discussion.
What do you think?



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