Wednesday, March 16, 2005

NCAA March Madness Contest

Tin Canners:

Well, it is that time of year and so how about a contest for the contributors and readers of this blog?

I've opened up a group, TTC-contest, in Yahoo! Sports. The winner gets a prize from Rene's prize drawer!

To sign up, go here, and enter the following information:
Group ID# (85800) and the Password (twotincans).

My group name is Pac-10 apologist. I know the Pac-10 isn't getting a lot of love from the East-Coast media machine so I'm picking them to do "better than expected." My guess is that Arizona is the most talented of the Pac10 teams but sometimes they just don't get it together. I have them going to the final four but to be honest if they get bounced in round two, I wouldn't be shocked. Washington got a 1 seed which really surprised me. I think they may well be over seeded. Stanford got off to a slow start but finished pretty strong. I think they are good for one win and a competitive second game. As for UCLA, I went there so I'm not objective. I wouldn't be surprised if they lost to Texas Tech. The Bruins are a young team and when they get frustrated by good defense they get into trouble and if there is one thing Knight will do is get the team playing solid defense and a patient offense. But nonetheless, I had to pick the Bruins to pull off TWO upsets. Fans will note in my my set that I have three ACC teams in the Final Four. In the end, though I'm a Pac-10 fan, I have to acknowledge that this year it looks like the ACC has the strongest teams in the top tier.

Anyway, there you go. Feel free to leave comments in the comments section to speak well of your favorite teams.



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