Friday, March 11, 2005

Heartbreak Hotel: Where Bruin Fans Might Be On Sunday?

Tin Canners:

What can I say?

I'm not even going to link to the dreadful story of the game. As I was driving to teach class in the afternoon, they were down by 18. By the time I parked, the were only down by 4. Eventually, I heard my beloved Bruins lost. I wasn't surprised. Pleased that they made a furious rally, I worried that when trying to come back from that far down you run out of gas and eventually lose.

At 18-10, they sit on the dreaded "bubble" when the NCAA tournament bids get handed out on Sunday. Since Stanford advanced in the Pac-10 Tournament, the selection committee could argue that they only need to take the top-three teams from the Pac-10 leaving UCLA with an almost certain NIT bid.

Meanwhile, down the highway, my Anteaters got mauled by the Matadors. Suffice to say just as there was no joy in Westwood for Bruin fans, there was no joy in Middle Earth for Eater fans.

Will the selection committee recall the freshman laden UCLA team led by first year coach Larry Brown (that team went on a miracle run all the way to the Finals only to lose to Louisville) which was probably the last team into the NCAA that year? Or will they recall the 18-win team of second year coach Walt Hazzard that didn't get an NCAA bid and then went on to win the NIT at MSG?



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