Monday, December 27, 2004

Please consider giving to the relief effort

Dear TTC Readers:

It is nice to have this blogspace to share what is on my mind and to know it gets nearly a dozen or so hits a day is amazing to me. Now, whether they stay and look around and read is another story!

And so it is with this small megaphone, I make a call for all who drop by here regularly or by accident to consider giving to the relief efforts for South East Asia. If you haven't already donated to the relief effort, I gently urge, plead, beg and request you find an agency you feel good about giving to who will in turn do some good over there where the need is so great.

If you don't know which agency to give to, please check the ones listed here.

Thanks for you consideration.


UPDATE: Here is a larger list of agencies at work on relief to South East Asia. Hat tip to DP. is collecting money for American Red Cross. As of this post, Wednesday 11:47AM PST, 39397 people have donated $2,211,086.53 to the ARC.


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