Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sports: D-2 until U$C vs. UCLA - H.D. Buttercup's Wager

I don't know if I heard it right but I think there was a radio commercial by H.D. Buttercup that said if UCLA wins the game, you can buy furniture for FREE at their store!

UPDATE: I heard the ad on the radio again so maybe it is for real... I think they said if you buy furniture up to $2000 worth and UCLA then wins on Saturday, you can get your money back.

UPDATE: The bet was if you buy $2000 or more and then if UCLA wins, you get a refund. This LA Times item says they are indeed tallying up the cost of the promotional as people came to the store on Sunday morning to get their refunds!


Blogger BigFire said...

Nope, you're still off. The bet goes like this:

Minimum amount of purchase is $2000 worth of furniture. There's no upper limit. And, the owner, HD Buttercup himself have indicated that he hasn't taken out any kind of prize insurance. So if the scheme goes as planned (flocks of people going to his store and buying everything in sight), and UCLA wins, he'd be utter ruined.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Big Bad Jonny said...

Yep that's right! I know someone that works there and he said that the owner didn't buy contest insurance. If UCLA wins the money is coming out of his pocket. If you spend more than $2000 you can be getting all yor furniture for free! They are also bringing in flat screens into the store so that people can see the game. Can you imagine how intense this game is going to be for the owner!!!

4:31 PM  

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