Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sports: D-4 until UCLA vs. U$C

What would you do if you were the athletic director?

You hire a promising young coach to try to turn around your division I football program.

In the first year, the team finished 6-7 with a 25 point loss to your rival and a loss at a third tier bowl game.

You probably chalk that one up to it being a rebuilding year.

In the second year, the team finished 6-6 with a 5 point loss to your rival and a loss at a third tier bowl game.

The fans are getting restless.

In the third year, the team finished 10-2 but suffered a 47 point loss to your rival but win a second tier bowl game.

Expectations have risen but skeptics abound because the 10-2 record could have easily been 6-6 as many games were close.

In the fourth year, the team stands at 6-5 and are a 2 TD underdog to your rival and a bid to a third tier bowl game is uncertain.

What does the athletic director put down in the notebook as factors in deciding whether to stick with the coach or look for someone new?

That is the situation athletic Dan Guerrero faces regarding UCLA coach Karl Dorrell.

Dorrell is regarding as a person of good character but restlessness is rising among the fans that he might be in over his head. Fans might not come right out and say it but some are thinking if UCLA gets blown out by USC for the third time in four years of his tenure then maybe he will get fired.

Isn't it a sad state of affairs when some of your fans might be wishing for a horrible defeat?

The situation is similar to the UCLA basketball program under Steve Lavin.

Go Bruins?


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