Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sports: D-7 until U$C vs. UCLA

UCLA lost to ND 20-17. It was a classic case of UCLA playing prevent defense that prevented them from winning. The soft coverage was supposed to allow the receiver to catch the ball but not be able to run making a modest gain into a big gain. Alas, a couple of missed tackles and UCLA missed its chance for a huge upset win.

Thus, since UCLA played ND close, I had little doubt that USC would crush ND and they did.

UCLA is now the last speed bump on USC's road to the BCS championship game.

What will the odds makers put for the game?

USC by 30? Higher or lower?

UCLA is vulnerable to speedy passing teams and can get pushed around by bigger front lines.

Here are the dismal numbers:
3 TD passes by Oregon along with 276 ground yards
3 TD passes by Washington State and 405 passing yards
3 TD passes by California and 266 passing yards.

How many people believe UCLA can win next Saturday?

Karl Dorrell has his hands up but it is his job to believe they can win.

As a UCLA alum, I want to believe. However, as a realistic sports fan, I know, as Chick Hearn used to say, there are only two chances: slim and none.

UCLA has to have the game of the millennium and USC has to cough up the ball which is what cost them against Oregon State.

I'll be blogging up the hype of the UCLA vs. U$C game all this week.

If UCLA wins, it will be the upset of the Century!

Go Bruins!


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