Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sports: D-3 until U$C vs. UCLA

You can find a list of the final score of the game over the years here.

USC has won 41, UCLA has 27 wins and there have been 7 ties.

In a previous post, I mentioned the only way for UCLA to win would be to apply pressure on the USC QB. Given too much time, USC will shred the UCLA secondary with their speedy receivers.

Lonnie White of the LA Times agrees:
If the Trojans linemen have an Achilles' heel, it's that they're not known for their agility and quick feet. At times this season, they have struggled against speed rushers such as Hickman and Davis. That was the case in the first half of USC's loss at Oregon State, when ends Jeff Van Orsow and Victor Butler were able to harass Booty.

Final call: UCLA's defense has been strong most of the season because of the play of Hickman and Davis, who have done well under the tutelage of first-year defensive line coach Todd Howard. But the Bruins' defense has problems when it has to stay on the field for extended periods, which happened a lot during the team's midseason four-game losing streak.

That will be a key for UCLA, which has to be able to move the ball against the Trojans. The more the Bruins can keep USC's offense off the field, the fresher Hickman and Davis will be to get after Booty.


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