Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sports: Detriot Tigers are Roaring Throught the Playoffs!

Wow, they looked like they were left for dead as they stumbled to the end of the season.

But as it is now, they would have to be the favorites to win it all!

The New York Mets have clearly suffered in the pitching department. In the final analysis, they out hit the Dodgers to sweep them. Only in game 2 did they get a solid pitching performance.

The Cardinals have to be happy to get out of New York with a split which the Dodgers could have done if they even a marginally better pitching effort in game 1.

Meanwhile, since LA has no team of local interest in the MLB playoffs, all eyes turn to college football.

As a UCLA alum, I'll be curious to see how my beloved Bruins fare against the Ducks up in Oregon. The last Pac-10 road game for the Bruins was a dismal loss to Washington. The Ducks were thrashed last week by the Cal Bears. They will be looking to take it out on the Bruins. UCLA's backup QB is now the main man since Olson is expected to be out 4-6 weeks with an MCL problem.

Meanwhile, USC is looking to keep on the winning path. However, their fans are nervous because the last two games were much too close for comfort. Injuries have hit the team accounting for some of their troubles. Nonetheless, I think expectations were higher


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