Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sports: Dodger baseball, springtime of hope

Last year, the Dodgers made large changes to the lineup. The springtime of hope turned into an injury plagued season and then a fall of watching others play on.

In the off-season, the manager and GM were fired and once again, it is a springtime with a new Dodger team on the field and new seats in the stands.

On the field, this appears to be the lineup:

At catcher, veteran Alomar will share time with Navarro who came up from the minors in the second half of last season.

At first, Garciaparra will get most of the time with Saenz coming in to give him the occasional break.

UPDATE: Garciaparra is on the 15-day DL and Loney has been called up.

At second, Kent remains from last year's team.

At short, Furcal was brought in. Izturis is still recovering from surgery. As it is, he may become trade material if everyone stays healthy.

At third, the veteran Mueller hopefully will provide some good defense and some much needed offense. Robles who was a pleasant surprise last year from the Mexican league will probably be the utility infielder.

UPDATE: Robles didn't make the roster, Martinez has been retained as the utility infielder.

At left, Cruz remains from last year's team.

At center, Lofton, a veteran aquisition from the off-season.

At right, JD Drew who had an injury plagued season for the Dodgers last year.

Platooning with these three in the outfield be Werth, Repko and Ledee.

UPDATE: I missed the detail that Werth is on the 60-day DL! Lofton is on the 15-day DL and so Ross has gotten the call up to the bigs.

The starting rotation appears to be: Lowe, Penny, Perez, Tomko and Seo.

In the bullpen: Gagne is back as closer. Brazoban and Baez will probably be set-up but may have closer duties if Gagne isn't fully recovered from last year's injuries. Haven't followed closely enough to know who will be the middle and long relief and situational specialists.

UPDATE: Gagne need more surgery and is expected to be out about 2 months. Baez has taken up closer duties. I'm not sure if Grady Little has figured out the precise roles yet for Brazoban, Carter, Osoria, Kuo, Saito and Hamulack

The Dodgers are going with a veteran line-up to tide them over a season or two when they hope their minor league prospects will be ready. Last year, injuries decimated the team. Hopefully, this year, the team will be able to stay healthy and be competitive.


UPDATE: Lofton is on the DL and Garciaparra is injured and couldn't start opening day and may go on the DL. Hmmm... hopefully, not a sign of things to come!


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