Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Road to the final four

Dear Tin Canners:

Week 2 of the NCAA has some exciting match-ups. Of my final four picks, three are still around. We shall see if after this weekend they are still playing!

I'll stick with Arizona coming out of Chicago but they have the toughest path. If they can beat Ok State they will probably face Illinois (don't see Wisconsin-Milwaukee beating them!).

North Carolina's path looks the easiest since the defending champ Huskies got knocked out in round two. Just don't see Villanova beating UNC nor the winner of Wisconsin vs. NC State (I'll go with Wisconsin in this toss-up game)

I'm still sticking with Duke winning out in Austin but I caught part of the Mississippi State game and they looked vulnerable. Usually, they just dominate people and they looked like they were pushed to the edge. Getting past MSU will be tough but I think Coach K will come up with a plan. If they survive that then they face winner of Utah vs. Kentucky (I'll stick with Kentucky).

Lastly, with Wake Forrest out, I'll be the Pac-10 apologist and back Washington. The Louisville game is the tough hurdle for them as I don't see TTech or UWV being a threat to Washington's high speed game. I think the Red Raider vs. Mountaineer game should be a close one. However, giving Bobby Knight a week to prepare his team you got to like their chances.

And now for some shameless cross-promoting: to see my NIT final four picks go here.



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