Sunday, March 20, 2005

LA Fuel costs and Libertarian Energy Policy Opinion

Dear Tin Canners:

How much is automotive fuel costing you where you are reading this blog?

For me, in Los Angeles, I filled my tank on Friday night for nearly $30. Please note, I have an economy compact car so the tank is around 12 gallons.

My political views have some libertarian flavor so I generally believe that market forces should be allowed to act in most cases.

In the realm of energy, the libertarian argument if I understand correctly is this: when gasoline prices rise high enough then there will be sufficient market forces to drive development and deployment of non-fossil fuel energy technology. Prior to this, in their opinion, for the government to subsidize such efforts is a waste of time and money.

I don't know enough about the energy industry to know if this makes sense. We are always hearing stories about how eventually the world will run out of oil. Thus, the question is this: will the non-fossil fuel technologies be ready for when that day comes?

Would love to hear people's opinions on this whatever your political stripe.


P.S. I have emailed to ask them how this blog has been classified in their political section.


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