Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Do you have your copy?

Hullo Kari:

I just got my copy and couldn't resist watching. I could skip to the scenes marked as extended and new but I think I'll just experience it as Jackson intends. It looks to be a late night here in Los Angeles as there are 50 additional minutes to the movie which was already 3 hours and 20 minutes!

The film versions were terrific as is but I have to say I've been delighted with each extended edition. The additional character development makes the experience of the movies even better.

I am watching the DVD on my 12 inch TV I bought back in 1994! The sound system is used computer speakers (in stereo!!) plugged into the DVD player. It is an improvement over mono speakers built into the TV. Right now, as I blog, the scene I'm watching is "the Lighting of the Beacons." I just love the stirring music of that segment!

Alas, I can't turn the volume up too much as I live in an apartment where I share two walls, the floor and the roof with neighbors.

I suspect in rural Kansas you can crank up your system to your heart's content!



UPDATE: Its about 10:40pm here in LA and I'm still watching! If you don't already know, you'll be pleased to see Eowyn is involved in more fierce fighting in "the Battle of Pelennor Fields!"

UPDATE: Bainbridge has his copy and and will be watching it again "after dinner on Friday night, I'm going to curl up with some port, a couple of cigars, and watch it again with the actors' commentary turned on."

I'll be bringing the disks to my brother's so the nephew and neice can watch it... but instead of port and cigars I may bake cookies or cheesecake!

As for Wednesday night (tonight), I'll be having my weekly West Wing viewing. Bainbridge maybe doing the same!


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