Thursday, February 05, 2004

Two tin cans on a very long string

Dear Kari:

Thanks for the great post on your pooch!

When I first saw the post, it didn't have the photos and I was going to email you and say, I bet our readers are saying, don't just tell me, show me! And voila, I checked our blog again and saw the photos. Very nice.

And now for something completely different but tangentially connected by our fondness for science.

According to our tracker software, about 32% of our site visits are people searching with some combination of the following keywords: cans, can, string, and, two, long, very.

I wonder who these people are (please tell us who you are!)? I imagine them as moms and dads trying to find a project for their youngster involving "two tin cans on a very long string?" Or maybe they are web savvy kids looking for that project on their own?

In any case, being bloggers who love science and want to encourage its exploration, be sure to check this web site for the sought after "two tin cans on string" project. Also, while at it, be sure to book mark this site for more neat things to make and do. These web pages are maintained by the Exploratorium of San Francisco and is definitely a place to take the kids and the kid in you. When I lived in San Francisco, I visited that museum on my own and took kids there as a volunteer with Hands On San Francisco.

So to our dear "accidental" "two tin cans" search engine visitors: thanks for dropping by; hope you look around a bit and feel free to let us know you are here with a compliment, comment or complaint.

Be well,

P.S. Eventually this post will move down into the archives but I'll leave the key links up in the top of our template for our future visitors.


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