Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Disney Hall Postscript: A rose by any other name...

Good Afternoon Kari:

Back in my post of October 11, I showed some photos of the Disney Hall which is the big news story in Southern California (I refuse to be drawn into following the Kobe case which is also soaking up the news oxygen here) because it is opening this weekend to some big bash galas. Being a subscriber, I got an invitation to buy tickets. Alas, the "cheap" seats were $500 and I'm not in the tax bracket to be buying such tickets.

Yesterday, the Disney Hall had a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration. See this LA Times story for all the details. Here is an excerpt:
Los Angeles architect Gehry, however, explained how he designed a floral pattern that adorns Disney Hall's carpets and seats in homage to just one woman: the late Lillian Disney, whose $50-million gift in 1987 set the project in motion. The hall is also flower-like in form and is surrounded by lush gardens.

"I told her I'd make a flower garden for her," said Gehry, as he leaned into a clear podium with his hands clasped. Gehry described his role in the project as "a great experience, personally."
So that is what it is, eh?

Also check out this item from CNN.com and be sure to click on the slideshow with wonderful photos.


UPDATE: The interior of the Hall has the look of sailing ships. The interior design was guided by several factors like the desire to have the audience sit at all sides of the stage area and the acoustic design team. On various interview shows, Gehry has commented that some of the exterior's sweeping shapes were meant to match with the interior. In the end, maybe it is asking too much to say it "looks" like this or that?


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