Thursday, October 16, 2003

Triumph of Hope over Reason?


I confess, I listened to the Cubs game on the radio. I knew they weren't going to win but I just had to listen to see if they could somehow overcome the emotional hurdle of the game 6 debacle and decades of futility. I wanted to believe.

Is this a example writ large of the phenomena of the "self-fulfilling" prophecy? This team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory or should I say from the glove of Alou?

But we do have to give credit to the Marlins. The ESPN analysts on the radio made the point many, many times how the Marlin hitters had prolonged at bats to wear down the Cub pitching staff. In fact, when the Cubs were up 5-3, I called a friend who hails from Chicago to say that I'm glad the Cubs are leading but I was worried about Wood's pitch count and whether the bullpen would be able to hold a lead or not. And voila, an inning later, Wood got tagged and the bullpen couldn't keep the team close.

Today, it is the Red Sox turn to try to lay down the "curse" and pick up the tickets to the World Series.

Any predictions, oh, great sports guru of Kansas?

A part of me wants to root for the underdog Red Sox but that whole Pedro versus Clemens thing really made me upset with the Sox. Only the Sox could make Clemens a sympathetic figure.

But hope over reason, eh? Sox 6 Yankees 4.

Play ball,

UPDATE: Dear Gentle Readers: if you have an opinion on the Red Sox vs. Yankees, please feel free to post your prediction by clicking on the comment link just below. As of now, the TTC duo appears to be behind the Sox. Kari, your comment on file was a slight fence straddle but I know of your fondness for underdogs so I'll mark you down as marginally rooting for the Red Sox!


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