Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Seen around the net

Hello Ms. K:

With light blogging ahead for me, I'll confine myself to just sharing a few interesting tidbits for your enjoyment without much comment from me. Of course, if something is in your strikezone, go ahead and take a swing.

From reading the LA Times sport's section, I found out about a new web site that honors Walter O'Malley the famed owner who moved the Dodgers out from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

Another item that caught my eye was mentioned by the bloggers over at Volokh Conspiracy where Volokh reported seeing a Salt Lake Tribune story on a move afoot to amend the Constitution to allow naturalized citizens to be able to run for President. Indeed, if such an amendment were to go through (an event I think highly unlikely) it would open the door for the Arnold to run for POTUS should he have a successful tenure as Governor of California.

One final item from my camera and now on the net here at TTC is this photo. I didn't know you were a restaurant consumable products tycoon?

Take care,


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