Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sports: AL 5 NL 4

What can you say?

The AL usually wins the MLB Championship, more of the inter-league games and the recent All-Star Games.

La Russa is taking heat for not sending up Pujols to hit with the game on the line.

As it was, Rowand flied out for the last out.

La Russa said he needed to hold someone for extra innings.

Let the debate begin!

My opinion is you got to roll the dice and play for the win by sending in Pujols to hit. He either doubles in two runs to win the game or he strikes out. I can't imagine that if Pujols makes contact it is going to be a dying duck single that gets only one run. The only other scenario you get a tie game is that Rodriguez totally loses it and can't find the plate.



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