Saturday, June 02, 2007

World: Dialog on Global Warming

A few months ago, I went through a three-day training workshop with the Public Conversations Project.

This Sunday, our church will host a discussion about Global Warming. As part of our applying what we learned from PCP, our team that went through the training has drafted some questions for the dialog and will help facilitate the dialog tomorrow.

(1) The basis for your view on Global Warming ...
What in your personal experiences have shaped your views on Global Warming?

(2) The reason for your concern about the issue ...
Whatever your views on Global Warming, what values do you hold dear do you feel are at stake in the controversy?

(3) The permission to acknowledge uncertainty and doubt ...
What uncertainties do you hold regarding your personal views on the matter? What troubles you about the way the subject is discussed?

If so inclined, please pray for a meaningful time of sharing and listening to divergent opinions about a controversial subject!

To get a taste of the PCP approach, check out this 4-page printout on Reaching Out Across the Red-Blue Divide.

UPDATE: In the effort to be "fair and balanced" and a useful resource. Here are some web links you may want to check out...
IPCC - intergovernmental panel on climate change. This is the international organization that puts out reports you hear on the news periodically.
An Inconvient Truth web page - the movie page and advocacy page on Global Warming.
Competitive Enterprise Institute's response to An Inconvient Truth. CEI is a think tank skeptical of the claims of Global Warming activists.



Blogger merjoem32 said...

Interest discussion. i wish I could have been there. I am willing to support an advocacy campaign that is in support of global warming but I think that the issue has been muddied. Politics has taken our attention off the real issue. The issue is not whether global warming is real or not. Conserving our planet is more important than debating about the genuineness of global warming.

11:38 AM  

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