Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sports: Dodger Dogs to be struck out?

Don't know if Camille Johnston expected to have to talk about hot dogs when she signed on to be Senior Vice President for Communications with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Alas, that is part of her job these days.

This morning, I was listening to KPCC and they reported that Farmer John, the supplier of hot dogs for Dodger Stadium was being sued for cruel treatment of animals used in the preparation of their hot dogs and other pork products. Additionally, the organization bringing the lawsuit, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, has written a letter to Dodger owner Frank McCourt requesting that the Dodgers end its lengthy relationship with Farmer John. The basic facts of the story were described in this story.

Meanwhile, on the field, the Dodgers are atop the NL West but fans are very nervous as the team isn't scoring many runs and the pitching is showing some signs of strain and it is only May. The question on the minds of followers of the team is whether or not manager Grady Little and GM Colletti will make some changes.

I haven't been to a game yet this year because parking is now $15 a car and prices of all sections have gone up.

One of the ways the Dodgers are trying to get more people to the ball park is the new all you can eat right field pavilion. I suppose I'd better hurry up and go before the Dodger Dogs are cut from the menu?



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