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Culture: 60 years ago Jackie Robinson ...

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60 years ago, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball.

Over at is a whole bunch of features about the celebration of that historic moment and about a life well led.

Ceremonies at all games played tomorrow, April 15, will be held in recognition of Robinson. Most notable will be the wearing of uniforms with the number 42 on them by players who wish to honor Robinson in that way. The number had been retired by the MLB with only players who already were using number 42 allowed to continue wearing it. As of today, only Mariano Rivera is in that group. Of the honor he said:
As a minority, I feel honored wearing the No. 42 and carrying the legacy that Jackie Robinson left. I wear it with good pride. That's the way it goes. All the guys retired or left, and I'm still carrying the number. I feel blessed for that.
The idea of wearing 42 came from Ken Griffey, Jr.
It's just my way of giving that man his due respect. I just called Bud (commissioner of baseball Selig) and asked him if I could do it. He made a couple of phone calls and said, Yeah. We had a good conversation. It was about me wearing it on that day, and only that day.
Each jersey used in the remembrance will be auctioned and the proceeds donated to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Quoting from their "about the foundation page:"
The Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) is a public, not-for-profit national organization founded by Rachel Robinson in 1973 as a vehicle to perpetuate the memory of Jackie Robinson and his achievements. Serving as an advocate for young people with the greatest need, the Foundation assists increasing numbers of minority youths through the granting of four-year scholarships for higher education.

The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides much more than financial support. While each Jackie Robinson Scholar receives up to $7,200 a year in financial support, they also become an active member in the Foundation’s unique Education and Leadership Development Program, which is an extensive mentoring program that includes attendance at workshops, assignment of a peer and a professional mentor and placement into summer internships and permanent employment.



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