Wednesday, October 25, 2006

LA Scene: American Museum of Ceramic Arts

The other weekend had the chance to visit the American Museum of Ceramic Arts.

The current exhibit running until November 4, 2006 is "Color Counts - Gladding McBean - Commercial Pottery 1930-1950."

California had a "golden era" of pottery in the 20th Century and Gladding McBean was the biggest name To read more about the exhibit, check out this page. Excerpts:
With the acquisition of Glendale's Tropico Pottery in 1922, the American Encaustic Tiling Company in Vernon and Hermosa Beach in 1933, and Catalina Pottery in 1937, Gladding McBean grew to become the largest ceramic products manufacturer west of Chicago. Today, many historical buildings throughout California can still be found bearing decorative architectural elements cast in terra cotta produced by Gladding McBean. The company's distinctive dinnerware and fine china acquired an impressive following, earning a place in millions of California homes. Gladding McBean was also preferred by the privileged, with the company's Franciscan fine china as Jacqueline Kennedy's choice for use on Air Force One, and GMcB items as President Nixon's choice for the Presidential Yacht. Franciscan's Apple pattern was selected by Eleanor Roosevelt for her private cottage, and Franciscan's Ivy dinnerware was used by Joseph Kennedy in his Florida home.
I wish I had brought my real digital camera to take higher quality photos. These photos are from my cell phone. The collection of items was numerous and impressive.

Here is one of the more fanciful decorative items.

Just love the vibrant colors. The cell phone camera definitely doesn't do it justice!

Many items from that era were hand decorated.

American Museum of Ceramic Art
340 S. Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA 91766
(909) 865-3146

Wednesday through Saturday, 12:00 noon to 5 PM.
Open on the Second Saturday of each month until 10 PM.
Group tours available by appointment.


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