Thursday, August 24, 2006

Travel: this Hobbit has returned

In the background is Vogelsang Lake. We continued on and hiked up to Vogelsang Pass.

By the way, the entire area is above 10,000 feet!

As a city kid, I have never hiked at that altitude before! It was tough but worth it.

It is truly God's beautiful country up there.

One can think of God as an amazing artist and artists enjoy their handiwork and take joy when some people come and take a look and are moved as well.

I would guess on a busy summer day, there might be at most 100 people up here enjoying the view.

I'm thankful that at this point in my life, I still have the physical ability to do this.

What was also amazing to me was how many of the other backpackers I saw were clearly senior citizens! I hope I'm that energetic at that age! They were leaving me behind in a trail of dust. author Phil Hawkins described where I went as "Vogelsang! This is where the angels spend their summers ... "


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