Sunday, July 30, 2006

Personal: Roots

Two Tin Canners:

This weekend, I visited my folks over in Monterey Park and asked them about the old country.

When we visited in 2001, we took the ferry from Hong Kong.

China is made up of various provinces. My ancestors hail from Guangdong province. Within Guandong, my parents can trace their roots to the prefecture-level city of Zhongshan. The village resides within the administrative town of Nanlang. Finally, my dad is specifically from the village of Charyuen.

From a mix of oral history and fragmentary genealogy documents, he believes the first ancestor arrived in Charyuen 21 generations ago. Eventually, America rose in power and some Chinese would go to America as immigrant labor seeking opportunity. This took place in the 18th generation (mid-19th Century). Some of the 19th generation would be born in US territories while others were born back in the old country. I'm in generation number 21.

Kari, I think you had mentioned to me that you had tracked down your family tree at one time. Might you refresh my memory?

Dear gentle Two Tin Can readers, if you would like, would love to hear your coming to America story and about your roots! If you have clicked over here from outside the USA, what's your story about where you are and how you and your family got there?

Take care and be well,


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