Friday, June 30, 2006

Sports: AL beating up on the NL and the World Cup

Jayson Stark gives the hard numbers on the reality that the AL is clobbering the NL. Excerpt:
With only one interleague weekend remaining, the AL had an insane 127-75 interleague record through Wednesday -- a .629 winning percentage. Just so you understand what that means, if a team played .629 baseball over a 162-game season, it would win 102 games. So the National League essentially has turned every American League team into the 1976 Big Red Machine.
Also, quite shocking is the record of the Kansas City Royals in inter-league play:
Are the Royals and Devil Rays in the wrong league? Through Wednesday, they were a combined 18-11 against the NL but 41-85 against their own darned league. Which gives them a chance to join a bizarre list of teams that couldn't even play .400 baseball against the league they were in, but played .600 ball against the other league:

2004 Devil Rays -- 15-3 (.833) vs. NL, 55-88 (.385) vs. AL
2004 Brewers -- 8-4 (.667) vs. AL, 59-90 (.396) vs. NL
1999 Marlins -- 11-7 (.611) vs. AL, 53-91 (.369) vs. NL

Since the Royals have a grotesque .274 winning percentage when they play against their own league, they could obliterate the record for worst record by a team that won 60 percent of its interleague games.

Of course, they also could campaign for emergency realignment -- but not much chance they can ram that through.
Meanwhile, the World Cup marches on and my predictive powers fell to only 3 of 8 in the last round.

So once again, here goes...
Germany over Argentina
Italy over Ukraine
England over Portugal
Brazil over France


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